Thursday, September 6, 2012


Gradient on an LCD monitor... yeah Assembly!
Finally got something on the screen!  After an hour or so of following the guide and messing with the frameBuffer, I got this groovy-looking gradient on the screen.  Here's bit of ARM assembly code used to write the gradient:

colour .req r0
y .req r1
mov y,#768
x .req r2
mov x,#1024
strh colour,[fbAddr]
add fbAddr,#2
sub x,#1
teq x,#0
bne drawPixel$

sub y,#1
add colour,#1
teq y,#0
bne drawRow$

b render$

.unreq fbAddr
.unreq fbInfoAddr

It's pretty useless right now, but soon I can use these same techniques to write letters on the screen, leading to my Command Line Interface.  Check back soon for more updates!

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